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About Calabria

Map of Italy and CalabriaCalabria is a fascinating region located at the very south of Italy and surrounded by the sea. Because of its long and narrow shape, every place in the territory is not more than 50 Kilometers far from the sea. It is mainly a mountainous region.

Wonderful woods (Calabria has three natural parks) alternate with ca. 700 Km of coast. The mountains are home to a spectacular vegetation including rare varieties such as the Bosnian Pine. The coastline alternates between rugged cliffs and sandy beaches and the sea, with its wonderful colours and its clear crystal waters, has no reason to envy the Caribbean.

Calabria is not a rich region. Industries are not its main source of economical richness. Calabria’s richness is the beauty of its natural scenery. Its unspoilt countryside and mild climate provide an excellent setting for people wishing to relax, to have a great choise of leisure activities while being in contact with nature.

Tourism and agriculture provide indeed the most important source of wealth for the Calabresi. Tourism has increased over the years on the coastline as well as in the mountains. Agriculture has an endless list of world famous products to offer: olives, red onions, grapes, citrus fruits are just a little example. Of great importance is the cultivation of bergamotto (Citrus bergamia Risso) and cedro (Citrus medica); from their peel some essential oils are obtained which are used in the industrial production of perfumes, sweeties, liqueurs.

The history of Calabria tells about periods of great splendour as the Magna Grecia period (of which there is much evidence if you visit a museum) and very hard times characterized by long periods of emigration. If you talk with a Calabrese, he will surely tell you that he has cousins in Argentina, USA, Australia or somewhere else.

And what about the people of Calabria? They are friendly, spontaneous, they enjoy talking and meeting people from other countries. Probably, the best way to define them is by using the words of a popular Calabrian song which says: “ Everybody says that the Calabresi’s head is hard as a wall but their heart is big as the sea.”

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