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Language levels

Our Italian courses are suitable for all language levels, from absolute beginner to advanced according to the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The first school day, students will start doing an entry test in order to define their knowledges of Italian and will then be placed in the Italian class most suited to their level.

The European standards divide the linguistic competence in three broad divisions and six language levels: Base level (A1 and A2), autonomy (B1 and B2) and full acquisition of the language (C1 and C2).

A1 - elementary

It is the introducing level into a new and unknown language. This course will focus on communicative aspects using the most simple ways to express yourself in the daily routine like having a coffee in a bar or buying a ticket for the train.

A2 - pre intermediate

Your linguistic abilities are going to improve, so that you get more self-confident and can understand many simple expressions. It is called the level of “survival”, because you manage more daily situations, for example going to the supermarket, organizing your free time, renting an apartment, writing a letter.

B1 - intermediate

With this level you can deal with daily situations without problems, now you pay more attention to your way of making sentences and will strengthen your linguistic skills. You can understand a simple conversation, though not always in detail, and take part in it expressing your thoughts, perhaps with some mistakes. You can understand the meaning of simple texts and write short compositions.

B2 - pre advanced

When you reach the B2 Level you manage very well different social contexts, both formal and private, both familiar and completely new. You speak more fluently and it won’t be difficult to make comments on socio-cultural topics as well. Now you can talk and write using complex sentence structures without many mistakes.

C1 - advanced

You can describe things, concepts and thoughts fluently and naturally. You are able to understand native speakers, even when they speak very fast and about complicated topics. To improve your language skills you will deal with the reading of specialist texts (e.g . Italian literature) in order to acquire specialist knowledge and a new terminology.

C2 - superior/master

Now you express your thoughts with a correct grammar. You are flexible and fast; you can express yourself fluently, spontaneously and precisely and you can, and you can be engaged in any situation. You almost behave as an Italian native speaker!

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