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Our teaching method

Italian language teaching methodLearning a language is not an easy thing. It requires a great effort when learning grammar rules, a lot of unknown words and expressions and sometimes this process can become a bit boring and frustrating.

Our idea of teaching a new language is that it has to be effective while – why not? - being fun and relaxing. According to us these are important conditions for a good learning process. That’s why our lessons focus on developing communicative skills as well as on strengthening linguistic skills.

Everything is important when you learn a foreign language and grammar is at the base, of course. What is new is the approach to it and the interactivity between students and teacher in a pleasant atmosphere, with no fear at all to talk or to make mistakes.

For this reason our lessons are held in Italian from the first moment, even with the absolute beginners. Our modern teaching method is thus based on spontaneity and will be a precious help to learn the language quickly and effectively.

Live together with our teachers a full immersion in the Italian language and life-style!

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