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Calabria is not yet one of the mass tourism destinations, but it is now easy to reach from all over the world. There are several direct flight connections to the international airport of Lamezia Terme, for example coming from Belgium, Germany, England, Austria, Poland, England and Switzerland. Many tourists travel every year to this beautiful coastal region in the very deep South of Italy, near to Sicily. Here you are with a general overview about the travel options to Calabria.

By plane

The next airport is the International Airport of Lamezia Terme. The distance from the airport to Santa Domenica di Ricadi is about 65 km. At the airport there are buses, or taxi, which can be used as a shuttle to the train station of Lamezia Terme, where regional trains are leave for Tropea / Santa Domenica.

If you prefer, we can come to the airport and pick you up. In that case somebody of our team will wait for you at the airport to bring you directly to your accommodation. There are direct flights to Lamezia from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and England (London). As an alternative solution, when you are travelling from other destinations, there are also a lot of possibilities of air connections, which mostly go ahead with a stop at Milan or Rome.

Important Airlines flying to Lamezia Terme are for example:

ITA Airways (ex Alitalia)




Helvetic Airways

Wizz Air

You can find further information on the website:  Aeroporto Internazionale di Lamezia Terme

By train

If you arrive by train, you can choose between the stations of Tropea or Santa Domenica, depending on the connections. From the train station of Santa Domenica, you will reach the school by a 100/200m walk. The station of Tropea is instead about 3 km far from Santa Domenica. In Tropea you can take whether a taxi or call us and if it’s possible we will come and pick you up. If you find better direct connections to the train station of Vibo Valentia Pizzo, you need to take a taxi or we can organize a pick-up service from there for you as it is 32km away from Santa Domenica and there are no public transport opportunities from there.

Train schedule:

By car

In case you arrive by yourself by car, we will send you an itinerary, which starts with the highway of Salerno to Reggio Calabria.

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